Relevance Score
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The relevance score highlights an element of power within an ad setup.

Facebook places high importance on its relevance score, in order to track what will be shown in an individual’s newsfeed. In essence, obtaining a high relevance score will improve the CPA. 

It is partly calculated based on feedback, including both positive and negative feedback. For example, if the content recieves a high number of video views, that could contribute to an increased score. If people hid your page in response to your ad, that could contribute to a decreased score.

This is what the relevance score looks like  (score is between 1 -10)



Facebook relevance score


How can you use this to your advantage?

1)      It can be used as a testing mechanism for efficacy and efficiency of ads.

2)      It can help modify campaigns that are struggling or are not achieving at the expected level.

3)      It can be used as another reporting figure for success rates and learnings.

Achieving your campaign objectives should remain your key indicators of success, and the relevance score is simply another tool to help achieve it.

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