social ads and live streaming
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A real-time video app set to take over the world? How will social advertising develop within live-streaming app?


The live-streaming app allows users to play videos on their Twitter feeds, as they happen.


Is ‘Meerkatting’ set to become the new way of communicating? Can it outlive its strong start and emerge as a big social network in its own right?


“The difference between Meerkat and, say, YouTube or Livestream or FaceTime or Chatroulette, is that Meerkat merges all those elements – real-time video, mass social participation – into one immediate, participatory dervish” writes Caitlin Dewey in The Independent. The fact that users are able to chat to viewers as their videos are streamed, could be an integral part of Meerkat’s sustainability. It goes above and beyond normal sharing interactions, by merging all of the elements into one platform. 



All of this Meerkat chatter could be just that. Chatter. But it does seem to be more than that. Live- streaming may be here to stay. 

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